about us

Introducing A Better, Faster, Local ISPTM

Born in Red Hook in 2011, Brooklyn Fiber has been providing its customers with practically uninterrupted internet service with no price hikes, no contracts, incredibly responsive customer service and faster speeds than the entrenched ISP’s. How do we do this? Simple. We focus on the parts of Brooklyn that are in our network. We don’t over-promise and under-deliver. Typically we do our installs within a day of a service request and if there is ever a problem we get to the customer within hours not weeks.

The typical ISP will, especially in the case of a small business customer, ask for a 1, 2, or 3 year contract to open an account. Those contracts are usually binding, meaning that if you cancel three months into a 36 month contract you are on the hook for 33 months of payments. We honestly don’t see the logic behind that other than gouging your customer base. None of our customers - business or residential - are held to a contract. Cancel when you want with no penalty.

We will not raise prices on our customers. Simple as that. The entenched ISP’s deploy promotional periods and mystery taxes and other shenanigans to such an extent that within a few months of signing up to a seemingly great plan your monthly bill looks nothing like what was promised. We won’t do that to you. Our customers enjoy faster plans, significantly better pricing, unparalleled customer service…and the same plan price they signed up to. With Brooklyn Fiber the plan you get is the plan you keep.

We are a net-neutral ISP. Always have been. What that means for you is that we won’t buffer or slow your connection to, say, Netflix. Or, say, YouTube. Quite the contrary for many of our small business customers we open up their connections at night, providing them with a faster, more robust connection to the internet than their existing plans. That can be pretty great for a production company or genome mapping or just a couple guys making candles.